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Hot Sale Orange Color Rescue Whistle -WH001/OR
Material: ABS Plastic
Color options: In Black, Neon yellow, Pink, Red or Orange
It comes with nylon neck rope or split SS ring
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🆘 CAN BE HEARD FROM MORE THAN A MILE AWAY: Your voice is no match for our super loud rescue whistle!
Takes minimal energy to use and produces over 100-decibels of high pitched sound. Easy for kids to blow.
Just what you need if your family get separated in the backcountry.
🆘 EASY TO CARRY: The handy clip and breakaway lanyard prevents loss and ensures access to your whistle when you need it the most.
Compact and lightweight, it fits just about anywhere. Can be worn around the neck or wrist, or attached to your clothing, backpack or lifesaving jacket.
🆘 VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: These all-weather safety whistles are as tough as the terrain you’re tackling.
The heavy-duty ABS plastic is waterproof and impact resistant. Unlike metal whistles,
they won’t freeze and stick to your lips in the cold - one less first aid emergency to worry about!
🆘 WILL WORK WITHOUT FAIL: Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best! When you’re stuck in the sticks,
your GPS or cell phone can lose signal or run out of battery. The whistle’s reliable pealess design won’t jam and can’t be overblown like regular pea styled ones.
🆘 ENJOY PEACE OF MIND: Make sure you and your family are ready for anything on your next outdoor adventure.
This handy set of 3 comes in green, orange and black. You can keep one in your car, one in your emergency preparedness kit and one in your backpack or bug out bag

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