about us

    Dear business partners ,
    DIVEDIY TECHNOLOGY (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. is a professional Manufacturer and an international trading company for a wide range of Diving, Spearfishing and Rescue products.
    Started as a Chinese-German joint venture, We are Presenting our customers solutions with products manufactured in China based on German Quality Control standards.
    In the Past several years, 80% of our sold products go to the USA, Europe, and Australia, 20% to Asia and domestic market.
    Here are some of our main Products as follows:
    Diving gear, which includes Diving mask, snorkel, fin, knife, SMB, lift bags, finger spools, dry bag, weight belt, buckle etc.
    Spearfishing gear, which includes Spear fishing knife, speargun reel, Latex rubber band, hand-fishing gun, float, etc.
    Rescue gear, which includes Safety knife, rescue tube, rescue board, gear bag. etc.
    Our President MS. XIONG LINGYAN is also a Passionate Diver.
    We DO follow her mission "Presenting Our customer Options with adequate Solutions"

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