Underwater Camera Accessoires

Underwater Flashlight Handheld Stabilizer
Material: aluminum, PC, ABS.
Light Brightness:
1.High Light:2 hours with 900LM;
2.Low light:5 hours with 300LM;
3.Flash Light:7 hours with 450LM;
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1.Suitable for Hero6,Hero5,Hero4, Hero3+, Hero3, Hero2, SJcam,Xiaoyi and Dome port
2.Digital camera with 1/4" Tripod Screw Hole
3.The torch lights can go 100 meters underwater with 900 Lumens
4.You also can attach your dome port to this handheld stabilizer,anti-Slip Handle
and comfortable,make your dome port more easy to forget shaky videos ,and get a stable shooting underwater,
Perfect for shooting at night, diving ,snorkeling or other rayless environment.